Ironing to Austen

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any girl who reads “Pride and Prejudice” between the ages of 13 and 17 will spend the rest of her life secretly in love with Mr. Darcy. It is equally true that guys just don’’t get it.

I finally started ironing today. A scene ensued that has repeated itself over and over again since the beginnings of my marriage. Because I had put off ironing for so long, the pile – as usual – had turned into a hill and then a mountain. I knew it would take me many hours to get through all those wrinkly clothes, so I put the 6-hour BBC version of P&P into the DVD player and set out to keep ironing for as long as the film lasted. At some point my husband walked into the room and asked incredulously “”You are watching that again?!””

A few years ago at a dinner party, he once revealed to our guests how I have watched the same “boring” film at least 25 times.

HIM: “The whole thing is people sitting in a room and talking. Sometimes it gets exciting when a third person walks in the room. And sometimes the people are taking a walk while they are talking.”

ME: “You just don’’t get it!”

HIM: “Admit it! Nothing happens. There’’s no action.”

No action?? There is witty repartee! Meaningful eye contact! Eloquent insults are hurled! It is suggested that duels might have taken place! Seductions are intimated! And I haven’’t even gotten to the 18th century repressed sexual tension yet!

He just doesn’’t understand.

But he does understand wrinkle-free shirts.

One thought on “Ironing to Austen

  1. they never will get it, some unlucky ones none of the above 🙂
    There are chick-flicks and chick books. Come to think of it, one genre allows the largest overlap of action and emotion both in wrting and in films: sci-fi.
    Nice thought to have the dialouges of P+P set in space or some strange, futuristic setting, not 18th century lifestyle demanding discretion, but, lets say, military or workplace hierarchy.


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