I’’ve written before about my husband’’s job as school principal. In addition to that, he is also the Chairman/Head/President of about 5 different organizations -– mostly sports related stuff. And as of today, we can add a new title to his list of accomplishments: convicted criminal.

The back story: After beginning the job as principal, he wanted to cut back on some of his other responsibilities and functions, but it turned out to be harder than he thought. He finally managed to get rid of one of the posts for a while, but when his replacement stepped down after just two years, my husband had to take over again. (Sigh.) The General Assembly and election of a new Board/Chairman took place in January and my husband duly informed the District Authority of the results.

Today he got a two-page letter in the mail that went like this:


Administrative Criminal Procedure
As Chairman and therefore, according to the existing Statutes, the named organizational administrator of the (City)-Union-School Sports-Initiative, you did not, in the outgoing legal correspondence (namely the official declaration of election results for the affiliated representatives of the organization), which was received by Supervisory Association Authority on 2 January 2015, cite the Central Association Registry identification number in compliance with the provisions of Section 18 Para 3 of the Law Governing Association Affairs of 2002.

You have therefore violated the following legal Ordinance(s):

Section 31, Point 4 lit. e.i.V.m. Section 18 Para 3 Law Governing Association Affairs 2002

Due to this administrative offense, the following penalty has been imposed on you:

€€15  or in the case this cannot be paid, an alternate term of imprisonment of:
0 days, 12 hours, 0 minutes


In case the above is not completely clear – here is the situation:

He didn’’t include the club’’s number when he reported the election results and now he is going to jail for 12 hours (and 0 minutes).

I hope they feed him.

I am going to buy a frame for the letter. I’’ll hang it right next to his Decree from the Provincial Government ““Recognizing Outstanding Service to the Community”” and right above my favorite Haderer cartoon.

haderer vorschrift



(“Rules are rules!”)


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