Little She-goat Wars

There has been some uproar in my school lately. A clique of three girls started having internal warfare (two against one, of course) and their problems became an issue, first for the larger circle of their female classmates, then all of their classmates. It then expanded even more to concern some of the kids in the younger class. By this time the three original disputants were completely devastated. We teachers had to intervene to calm things down.

At the same time on the home front – both of my daughters were coming home and reporting on the outbreak of Zickenkrieg in their respective classes. The literal translation of Zickenkrieg is ““little she-goat war”” – and the closest English translation is “”catfight””. In both languages, it refers exclusively to nasty and small-minded disputes between the females of a species.

Is this unfair? Sexist? Or simply true? From what I have seen, girls generally do develop their verbal skills earlier than boys and therefore they begin earlier to fight with words and arguments rather than fists and feet. The significant difference is that when they fight, nobody shrugs it off with the exculpatory statement ““Girls will be girls.””


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