First Clown in the Car . . .

. . . and we are off to 2016!!

I adore Ted Cruz. He is the absolute embodiment of everything that fascinates political junkies about the current pack of Republican partiers. Hypocritical to a T for hypocrisy’’s sake. He’’s . . .

  • an anti-elitist, everyman Ivy Leaguer,
  • an anti-immigration son of a Cuban exile, fast-tracked to amnesty,
  • an anti-Obamacare zealot now enrolling in the program while simultaneously promising to “fight “tooth and nail”” to tear it all down,
  • a professedly “brilliant” politician reading “”Green Eggs and Ham”” on C-Span and not understanding it,
  • a one-time birther, born in a foreign country, now reinterpreting the term ““natural-born” citizen”,
  • a proficianado of self-aggrandizement in humble tones and self-humbling in grand tones,
  • a minority candidate chasing the votes of another anti-minority minority.

What’’s not to love?

Except, maybe, that he and his fellow faux candidates perpetuate the idea of politics as a game or a sports event. It’’s a means to an end, such as securing one’’s relevance and/or future gig on Fox. And now this attitude extends to governing itself, with citizens being the losers of the game. 6 or 56 (depending on what news source you read) attempts to repeal Obamacare and the rest of the time spent trying to ban family planning choices. Oops. No time left for any other legislation – we’’ve got to quick pen a sassy letter to the Ayatollah and then dress for Bibi. There’’s a storm coming and we have planes to catch, but there is just enough time left to throw a snowball at the President and tell him: “WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE WITH CARBON DIOXIDE!!”


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