Demographically Symbolic

There are a few people on this planet who have almost succeeded in making me believe in the devil. One of them spoke out yesterday to his gun-totin,’ liberty lovin’ crowd about the apocalypse to come in a future United States of Hillary. His exact quote: “”eight years of one demographically symbolic president is enough.””

Where to start?

How about with the dictionary.

The definition of “demographically” is: of or pertaining to the study of changes in human populations. The definition of “symbolic” is: of or pertaining to the expression or representation of an idea or quality without using words. That makes a “demographically symbolic president” someone who physically and characteristically represents the changes in the population.

So how does President Obama stack up compared to the preceding 43 – who were all White, Old(-ish), Rich, and Male (I will call them “WORMs” for short) – in terms of being representative of the people . . .

Well let’’s check that out with a bit of creative math and some Wikipedia statistics:

Racial identity of population: White – 64%, Black – 13%

So Obama starts with 77 points and the Worms with 64.

Average Age of Population: 37 years

Here, Obama loses 10 points and the Worms 18.

Average Height: 5’’ 10’’”

At 6’’ 1″”, Obama loses 3 more points and the Worms only 1.

Average net worth: $45,000

So subtract another 12 (million) points from Obama’’s score and 50 (million) from the Worms.

I could go on with this, but I think the point has been made.

Of course, all of this is not what Pierrpe LePewayne really meant with ““demographically symbolic””. (Heaven forbid, the President should be a symbol of/for the people!) What he was saying is that we Americans have had our fun, but now it is time to go back to business as usual. We have had our token black president; we don’’t need a token female one.


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