Weird Kid Married

Today is my husband’’s birthday. After he went to bed last night, I made the preparations for our breakfast celebration: cleaning the kitchen, setting the breakfast table, wrapping his present, defrosting the store-bought cake . . .

And then I went to my laptop, planning to make a card. I started thinking about how he is going to be 54. And a few months from now we will have our 26th wedding anniversary. Wow. 26 is almost half of 54 – but not quite. Then I thought about how there will be a day, a moment, when he has been married to me for exactly half of his life. My mind started working on the calculations . . .

I have always been this way, by which I mean sort of weird – even as a child. I’’ve admitted that already. There were the months I spent trying to envision a new color. (Why should we be limited to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet? Maybe there is another color out there, something completely different to those, I thought. Maybe I can dream one up?) There were also the years I spent devising a whole new mathematical system -– a “twecimal” system based on groups of twelve instead of groups of ten. My original questions were these: what if humans had 6 fingers on each hand instead of 5? Would we see 12 as the basic grouping of things instead of 10? And wouldn’t this be better somehow? Where does the concept of “a dozen” come from anyway? Or, why do we say “eleven” and “twelve” instead of “tenty-one” and “tenty-two” (or “oneteen” and “twoteen”)?

So you see -– weirdness substantiated.

And unabated.

I actually worked out to the day when both I and my husband can say we have been married for half our lives. For me it will be next year – November 13th, 2016. My husband will have to wait a bit longer for this momentous event: September 22nd, 2017. Then again – the whole point could be moot because, legally speaking, I think this blog entry could be used effectively as evidence in divorce proceedings.

Happy Birthday, Honey!


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