Playing Hookey

My husband has been hogging the couch for four straight days now. Despite the fact that he is the principal and his school started the central matura today, he couldn’t get off the couch for more than 15 minutes at a time. The last time he stayed home from work due to illness was 1992, so I know he must be feeling really awful.

Last night I convinced myself that I was coming down with the same thing. I called my boss and gave her fair warning that I might not be at work today. This morning, the self-delusion was still going strong and I stayed home. After a good long sleep all morning, I started feeling a bit better. In the afternoon, all that was left of the symptoms was a grumbly stomach. By early evening, I was feeling good enough to write the second installment of my adoption story.

But I can’’t post it until tomorrow. Because doing it now, well, that would be wrong.


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