The Things We Do

My younger daughter has a phenomenal amount of hair -– in fact ““hair”” doesn’’t quite do it justice – it is more of a “mane”. When wet and combed straight, it goes down to her waist. Once dry, the tiny curls make it about a foot and a half shorter. It requires constant attention and the right style (usually braids, sometimes twists) because one week of neglect turns it into a huge Velcro pillow requiring 10 hours of painful detangling. So, hairstyling has become a major factor in my life. I block off time for it in my calendar. “Bike ride and picnic on Saturday? That sounds like fun! But, unfortunately, next weekend is a hair weekend.” Over the years, all of my friends have come to know what this means.

Today was a braiding day. We started at noon with the third film in the Hunger Games series (Mockingjay -– Part 1) and managed to get almost 30 braids done. Then we put in the seventh Harry Potter film (Deathly Hallows -– Part 1) which saw us through most of the next 25 braids.

I assume Deathly Hallows -– Part 2 is slated for tomorrow afternoon, by the end of which, we should be up to 85 braids, total. The fourth film for the final 25 braids is still open – I only know that sometime around the end of that film, my daughter will be admiring herself in the mirror, and then she will come to me with a huge smile on her face and give me a long hug. And it will be at least two months before we have to fuss with her hair again.

The things we do to make our daughters happy.

2 thoughts on “The Things We Do

  1. Also noteworthy: the patience sitting throught this. I do recall, what fuss I made, when my mum braided my hair in the mornings, when I was a kid. I hated it. And I don’t have a curl anywhere…


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