Editing the Weekend

Weird thought of the day: There is a published book out there for which I can say with a great amount of certainty that I am the only person in this entire world who has ever read it from cover to cover.

I supplement my income sporadically with editing and proofreading – sometimes for a publishing house, sometimes for university professors and sometimes just for friends of friends. The book I mentioned above was for the publisher and it was an approximately 600 page long legal reference manual with multiple authors on the subject of double taxation treaties. Unfortunately, these authors all used the same template, so when a mistake came up once, it recurred in chapter after chapter and had to be corrected each individual time. And not with the “Search and replace” function on the computer. No, by hand, because for some reason, this work is still done on paper using old-fashioned symbols like these:

proofreading marks

Accordingly, editing this book cost me more than a few weekends. At about the halfway point, I needed to blow off some steam, so I wrote an email to my fellow-editing friend who had gotten me this work:


From: Me
Subject: ancillary note
T0: KO

Pursuant to the Email of 16 April 2011 composed by myself (hereinafter referred to as “The Author”) and addressed to you (hereinafter referred to as “The Recipient”), it is subsequently to be noted by The Author that the work, deemed in the aforementioned Email to be progressing smoothly, may also be proving detrimental to the brain cells of said Author, who, after 15 hours of perusing English texts of the legal variety, felt the compulsion to transmit such information to The Recipient, whose previous experiences in such contexts may enable said Recipient to relate.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. Now I am going to GET BACK TO WORK.


I eventually got through the whole book, so if anyone out there is thinking of doing some business in, say, Bosnia & Herzegovina and wants to avoid paying taxes twice -– well, I am your go-to person for those questions.

Over the years, I have gotten a side education on all sorts of topics through this work. For instance, I could speak somewhat intelligently about on the one hand the epistemic boundary work and hence, on the other hand, the rather masculinistic gendering of the curriculum of the study of the field of engineering: historicalistically but however thus also indeed until today. (It took me ten hours to “proofread” = rewrite 20 pages! A new low.) I could also talk about the need to place the concept of corporate social responsibility discursively within the context of a political arena or about ways to promote conservation based tourism to protect the uncharismatic rock partridge in the Hohe Tauern national park, which, by the way, has something to do with this:

math image

This weekend two Master’’s Theses are on the docket. So I will be reading up on some high energy physics (HEPHY) and using the EUDET telescope and the Belle II upgrade to Japan’’s KEKB particle accelerator with its SVD vertex tracking detector to conduct a beam test at the SPS at CERN. After that, it will be on to improving the shareholder value of semiconductor sensors suppliers by improving strategic performance measurements in light of such global megatrends as outernet and shytech. I couldn’’t say a lot at this point as I haven’t started the editing work yet -– preferring to procrastinate with my blog – but this much I know already:

weekend delete


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