I spent the day in Graz on a field trip with my school kids. We did the “HyperAmerika” exhibit at the Kunsthaus, then the “We are Swimming in Plastic”  exhibit at the Natural History Museum, and then the cute Africa Festival in Augarten. A fabulous day even if it might have led to some sensory overload. These are country kids and being in the “big city” alone was a big deal for some of them. For more, it was their first time in an art museum. And then all those pictures of suffering sea animals being mutilated by plastic garbage. And then to be surrounded by so many black people!

I enjoyed the Africa Festival, but was a bit subdued by unsuccessfully repressed thoughts of the recent election here, the shooting in Charleston yesterday, and my own daughter’’s third racist episode in the space of a month -– this time it was some young guys driving by in a car, shouting “”Neger!”” and giving her the finger. I wondered if it wouldn’’t be better for her to live somewhere more urban and multicultural than this country village she calls home.

When I got home this evening, I talked to my girls for a while and then watched Jon Stewart. Repressing thoughts of recent events was no longer possible. So I decided to catch up on the news with some Rachel Maddow. I like her and her network for their comforting liberal bias. Clicking on MSNBC led to this page loading onto my computer:



I know absolutely nothing about this movie being advertised –- “”The Gunman”” starring Sean Penn. But he sure does look cool. And I’’m sure it is really exciting. And I can “OWN IT NOW”!

Has there ever been a worse place to insert an ad glorifying guys with guns?

I am sure it won’’t be more than a week before I hear that ridiculous statement again about how “Guns don’t kill people blah blah blah”. Look at this kid -– he was weak,  ignorant and full of fear, pain, rage, self-doubt, inferiority and more rage about his inferiority. Put a gun in his hand and suddenly he feels less helpless. He has power. He’’s The Gunman.

He killed nine people. That gun he was holding killed ten.


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