I am nearing the 6 month anniversary of starting this experiment, so it is time to take stock. First -– my life as a blogger:

Phase 1 was taking tentative Baby Steps. Posting a few entries that only my best friend could see. Figuring out how the platform works. Feeling very exposed -– but in kind of a nice way. In Phase 2, I realized I was having fun. I told a handful of people about it -– mostly family. Phase 3 consisted mostly of feelings of frustration that no one could sign in to access the site due to technical problems and that led me to Phase 4: deciding to just go public with it all. I told a few more people. Then came Phase 5 after I discovered the “Statistics” function which shows me how many visitors and views per day. I got temporarily overly fascinated by the numbers and watching them tick up and up. Who were all these people? I let a few more friends on it all. Which brings me to Phase 6 – the one I am in now. I am seriously considering forking over the 40 Bucks so that readers don’t have to see and hear the ads and making a mental list of who I will tell next . . .

Then there is my real life which has gone on concurrently with my blogging life. I’’ve decided to summarize it in Harper’s Index style for the sake of brevity, because I have 26 letters to write to my students between now and Tuesday. (Normally this would be no problem, but I am writing them together with a colleague which slows the process considerably, because, needless to say, our discussions have the tendency to go off the track at regular intervals of . . . like, every 15 minutes – not to suggest that my colleague is to blame, no, because, as you can see – here I am – going off the track all on my own . . .) Back to the topic at hand – my life this past half year in statistics:

CIRCUMSTANCE’S INDEX (for the first half of 2015)

Blog entries written since January 3, 2015 : 81
Number of visitors/views : 1033/3617
Number of regular work days : 57
Free days on which 3 or more hours were spent at school : 21
Days spent on school field trips or excursions : 8
Hours spent in team meetings : uncountable
Number of times I have missed my old job : 0
Hours spent braiding or unbraiding hair : 48
Number of kilometers driven while chauffeuring daughters around : 9000
Trips around the cornfield with the dogs : 112
Times the cleaning lady has come : 25
Average number of minutes after cleaning lady leaves that the house is messy again : 25
Number of “TO DO” lists : 75
Number of “TO DO” lists that include the word “ironing” : 75
Hours spent ironing : ½
Times the garden has been weeded : ½
Dead houseplant removals : 4
Number of times my husband has been on local TV : 5
Number of times my husband has been convicted of a crime : 1
Hours spent at concerts : 23
Hours spent in a church (not counting the Vatican) : 3
Days spent in Rome: 3
Number of Pope Francis cigarette lighters purchased : 2
Canisters of Cheetos consumed : 5¾
Canisters of Cheetos shared with daughters : ¼
Feelings of guilt about not sharing Cheetos : 0
Feelings of guilt about being lazy or wasting time : 1821
Snood games played : 13,251
Percentage of Snood games won : 18


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