Vowel Equality


Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, says he knows how to defeat the terrorists – and it is so simple and easy! Unfortunately he isn’’t going to tell us what the solution is just yet. I guess he wants us to help him move into the White House first.

He is not the only one with a big idea. Years and years ago, I figured out the solution to the whole gay marriage question, but I didn’’t tell anyone about it either. It happened after DOMA (“Defense of Marriage Act”) passed which made me wonder when the government had gotten into the linguistics business. It occurred to me that if they could define existing words,  they could also create new words and then define them. Why not coin a word “”Merriage”” (as in “merry” or “gay”) and then define it as a union between one man and one man or one woman and one woman. They could bestow the state of merriage with all the same legal rights and privileges of marriage. They could start issuing official “Merriage Licenses”. Then everyone could get married/merried or say ““I am married/merried”.” Only the intolerant would wonder or care whether that was with an “”a”” or an “e””.

Of course this was a compromise solution, but at that time, I couldn’’t imagine that yesterday would ever come. This was better than nothing.

I am so glad now that I kept my mouth shut! As great as my idea was, yesterday’’s Supreme Court decision was so much better – true equality instead of a compromising patch job. Everyone treated the same, rather than separate but equal. We the People, with our more perfect union and our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the vowel “”a””.


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