Hummingbird Report Cards – (MYoM – Part 11)

In the last two weeks of the school year, basically every free moment is used for letter writing. Our kids don’’t get report cards, they get long detailed letters written by all five teachers filled with their accomplishments, their strengths and weaknesses, what they could work on or try to improve in the next school year, and funny or special moments of this one, now coming to an end. Problems are alluded to, but in a comforting way and everything is stated in nicest, most positive way possible. Very few of our kids are angels and we have more than our share of truly challenging cases, so writing these letters can be an exercise in creative formulation. The deadline is tomorrow and the whole team has now officially entered a permanent state of punchiness. In my case, I have 23 down and just 3 to go. High time to blow off some steam . . .

Dear Moritz,

Your first year of Primary 2 has come to an end and you have made it through! I know it was not easy for you at the start –- everything being so new and different and most of your former classmates still in your old class. But you found your place in the new group, your desk, and sometimes you even sat there!

It made me so happy when you stopped yelling “”ENGLISH SUCKS!!”” every time I walked into your classroom on Thursday mornings. It was also good to see that you drink the recommended two liters of water per day and get a lot of physical exercise on your alternate trips to the kitchen and the bathroom. I’’m sure the Primary 1 class appreciated your frequent visits as well. You helped me get a lot of exercise too, with all my trips around the school looking for you. Thanks!

You had your own ideas about what to learn in English and where to do it. Maybe next year you will decide to take part more often when I am introducing new topics to the class. But I suppose memorizing the lyrics to Macklemore songs is also a sort of English lesson -– and an education too! I’’m glad that you finally found your English Workbook last week. And it was in your desk the whole time! Imagine that! Maybe next year you can start writing in it. This should be easier, now that you know where I have been hanging up the English assignments every week since September. Don’t forget: they are on the bulletin board right under the big sign that says “”English Assignments””!

Moritz, you are very communicative! In World Studies, you took part in many discussions and debates this year –- many of them heated! – and one or two of them were somewhat related to the subjects we were learning about. The groups you worked in (for a while anyway) gave many interesting presentations and, in the second half of the second semester, you were there too! Judging from the pictures you draw in your notebooks, it seems to us that our lessons about  human anatomy were the ones that interested you most. Maybe next year you could start drawing the inner organs.

Have a great summer, Moritz, and I look forward to seeing you again on the first day of school in September. At your desk. Book in hand. Hydrated.

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