Storm Clouds Rolling In

We have had a really oppressive heat wave this week with temperatures nearing 100°. It was like spending 6 days straight in the sauna. Lots of people were having dizzy spells at work, many were cranky. No one had any energy or could really concentrate. We all used our last reserves to get the minimum of necessary work done and then took off for home. I don’’t know what the others did, but I just plopped myself down in a chair and lethargically let the internet wash over me. Even clicking the mouse seemed like too much effort . . .

And then, an hour ago, things changed.

I spent the first half hour on my porch watching the big black, scary looking storm clouds approaching. The closer they got, the more my spirits rose. As the light dimmed, turning day into night, my immediate future seemed proportionately brighter. The air got cooler –- dropping 10 degrees in 30 minutes – and it warmed my heart. A thrashing wind picked up and calmed me down. The light and sound show was a particularly good one and I watched it until sprayings of the nearly horizontal rain started to reach me through the porch screens. I looked down and realized I can scratch ““mop porch”” off my housecleaning list. The weather goddesses took care of that for me. As I write this now, kernels of hail are pelting my ripe apricots still on the tree and I am hatching a plan to go get some canning jars as soon as the rain stops. While I am waiting, I think I will get the school book order for next year all set up so that things go faster for my colleagues tomorrow. Each flash of lightning seems to give me a new inspiration. Loud, rolling thunder follows and I could swear it sounds like “”Hellloooo, Summer!””


One thought on “Storm Clouds Rolling In

  1. This makes me think of the Weather Girls and “It’s raining men, hallelujah”.
    We don’t even need men pouring down, we are satisfied with just lower temperatures after this African intermezzo.


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