Virtual Traveling

I think I was born to travel. I feel it every time I take off for a distant place. As much as I love my home, within minutes of leaving it on a trip somewhere, I feel something happening deep inside me. I disembark mentally from the hamster wheel; I relax and feel . . . good, healthy, positive. I go into “travel-mode” where I just let things happen and don’’t get worked up about details. My mind stops obsessively repeating its mental ““To Do”” lists. I remind myself that only three things matter: tickets, passport, money -– everything else can be improvised. I deal with events as they arise and everything works out fine.

A subtext of this blog has always been about traveling – around the world, into the past, wherever the words take me. Life is a journey, after all. So I guess it is fitting that the blog itself will soon have to travel -– with this platform apparently shutting down 5 months from now. Luckily, I have had quite a bit of experience when it comes to emigrating, so I will be able to help my blog through the ordeal.

First we will have to choose a new home and arrange for its new digs. Then everything will have to be packed up and exported. Based on my experiences so far, I assume that some baggage will go missing in transit. After landing, I’ll have to navigate the new technical and human environment in this new homeland. My blog will surely suffer through the inevitable culture shock, loneliness and homesickness, but those things will pass. Before you know it, my blog will settle in and find new friends, while always appreciating getting post from the old ones.

All this may be a while off yet, because in about 36 hours, I will start on my own travels to the other place I call “home”. For the next five weeks, this blog might continue on as usual, it might go on vacation too, or it might turn into a travel-blog for the duration -– I can’t say yet. Once all my routines are interrupted, anything could happen. I’’ll be taking a timeout from life and reconnecting to it at the same time. Everything will work out fine.


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