Not On Vacation Anymore

The trick to coming home after five glorious weeks on vacation is to hit the ground (as opposed to the hamster wheel) running. The ridiculously long haul that was our return trip (29 hours) and the state way beyond jet-lag we arrived home in made that a bit difficult. The “welcome home” greeting of our pets made it even harder. Around midnight last night, we unlocked the front door of our house and out came the animals as if shot from a rocket launcher. The old dog expressed her excitement by pooping in the front hall. The little dog did so by running off to the neighbor’s house. The cat ran to her feed dish and started shrieking. After dealing with those issues, my next act on returning home was to grab a broom and sweep up the thousand pieces of pillow stuffing and shredded newspaper that were scattered throughout the house. My mind started in on its first “To Do” list of the new year. I barely managed to stop myself from physically putting it to paper. I sifted through the mail instead, setting aside the letter from the “Finanzamt” (the Austrian IRS) and the Visa bill, telling myself “I’ll deal with those tomorrow.” I asked my husband if it seemed to him, too, that the past five weeks had been just a dream.

Luckily, a deep long sleep helped lift the malaise. This morning we borrowed breakfast foods from the neighbors after discovering that the batteries of all our motorized vehicles were dead. I slowly started unpacking the five suitcases full of goodies listed in that still unopened Visa bill. Then I started sifting through the 1000s of photos we took, choosing the best (people-less) ones for this blog post and thinking “See? It wasn’t a dream! It wasn’t!”

Here’s some proof:

Picto-Travel-Blog #3 – Milwaukee

Views from the Porch

Around Town

At the Zoo and the Museums

On the Dennis Sullivan

Special Treats


3 thoughts on “Not On Vacation Anymore

    1. Hi Barb! Nice to see your name here! Yeah – I was sorry too that we didn’t get another chance to meet up – but the way things look, I will be back again next summer already. Maria is going to spend a year in an American High School (and live with my sister – lucky kid!) I will probably come over with her. What do you say we go to Schlitz Audubon together?


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