I wrote yesterday about my job teaching English in a Korean language school almost 30 years ago. In the process, while looking through my memorabilia, I found the recommendation letter my bosses gave me when I left.


March 3, 1987

To our minds, C. was so diligent and seems to work hardly. She employed at LTRC since 8 months. At that time, she taught her students too much over enough than anything.

During her staff teacher life she comprised much valuable materials. How happy we are! Her students said us they are never boring and oftenly had a funny time.

She always entered the LTRC every time. She never departed her office until prepared her work. Almost of teachers thinks she has generous mind. Frankly speaking, C. looks like a gentlewoman. Our thinking, C. is the most teacher we have met before.

Nowadays, we thank her for her effort. We very recommend her a job at another where. You had better have her to your office, couldn’t it?

Sincerely speaking,

Senior teachers


Clearly, my work there was done.

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