The Solution to All My Problems

” . . . and it is so simple!”

My favorite cabaret artist, (just maybe because I know him personally . . .) has a song in his new program about “the hamster wheel”. Boy did it strike a chord with me! I am perpetually on such a wheel that it is totally of my own making. Through no one’s fault but my own, I have two kids, two jobs, two dogs, one cat, one marriage, one house, one household, and, theoretically, one garden. That’s all enough to ensure that my first thought on waking in the morning is “Today I have to . . . “   In addition, I’ve got four bad habits that elbow their way into my daily activities. It is always somewhere on the back of my mind that I’d like to get rid of these.

The first is smoking.

The second is playing a stupid computer game called “Snood”.

The third is procrastinating.

The fourth is incessantly writing “To Do” lists and then never doing the stuff on them (mostly because I’m procrastinating with Snood between cigarette breaks.) In fact, it sometimes seems to me that the act of writing something on a “To Do” list practically guarantees that it won’t get done.

Wait a sec . . . think I’m on to something . . . trying to work it out . . . maybe all I need is one final list to be used every day from now on . . .


to do


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