Not Feeling the Love Today

It is nearing the end of a long day near the end of a long string of long days.

Teaching was fine – great, actually – but then the weekly team meeting in the afternoon sucked all the life out of me as we discussed computer cabling for the fourth time and the problems in one of the parent work groups for the eighth time and the problems of a particular home situation for the fifteenth time. I came home after 9 and ½ hours and reluctantly started preparing for tomorrow. At some point I hit a wall.

For the past half hour I have been staring into my laptop screen at the Google logo with one last thought drifting in and out of my head.

What do Napoleon, Martin Luther, Lenin, Shakespeare, DaVinci, Archimedes and Amundsen all have in common?

They are waiting for me to find and print out kid-friendly articles about them for my class tomorrow. It is the last thing I have to do.









3 thoughts on “Not Feeling the Love Today

    1. I didn’t mean to offend your school. I should have used “alternative” instead. And you improvising is much more prepared than most other teacher’s regular lessons could be. Experience works magic….


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