Mental Adjustments

Daylight Savings Time is such a pain. I’ve had to adjust my mental systems for how to read all the clocks in my house. The bedroom clock is connected to some world clock by radio waves so it is always right. My laptop seems to have changed itself too, so that’s okay. My cell phone also reset itself, and it is still five minutes ahead, but I try to forget that fact so that I get places on time. The library clock was always set at DST, so I have to stop adding an hour there and start subtracting an hour from the hall clock, instead. My car clock used to be easy to read – I just added three hours and subtracted 3 minutes from whatever time it showed. Now I have to add only two hours and that will be harder to remember. I might reset it to one minute later so that it is plus two/minus two.


One thought on “Mental Adjustments

  1. Funny, to find out, you are one the same topic. Juggling times I can’t do. I have to have my clocks at the right time, otherwise I get completely confused. And the car clock is the first, I changed manually yesterday morning. The rest is resetting automatically. Save for the TV. I had sweetheart change it last night, when the news didn’t start, when I expected them to start. And now I have to change my blog post from using the term summer time to Daylight Savings Time 🙂


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