Deportation Farce

Strange. The last Republican debate took place in my hometown, but, somehow, not on my planet.

There seemed to be only one or two candidates on that stage who understood just how dimwitted an idea this “deportation force” was.

I’ve been trying to do the math in my head ever since:

11 million undocumented people will probably all have some family members and friends among the citizenry. I’ve heard half of them have been in the country for more than 10 years. If each one of them knew only 9 people, then 110 million people would be directly affected by this massive humane roundup, or more than one third of the country’s total population.

On the other side, how big would this humane deportation force have to be? To get the job done within one year – there would have to be over 30,000 deportations per day. Picture the 10’s of thousands of (I suppose armed) soldiers fanning out all over the country, knocking on doors and humanely escorting meekly compliant people to . . . wherever. Then I suppose there would have to be fleets of buses, ships and planes ready – along with their crews – to humanely deliver these people back to a hundred different native countries. That all adds up to at least two or three deporters for every deportee, so this force would have to be 100,000 strong. Where will we find so many humanitarians?

Donald Trump says it would be simple – all just a matter of good management practices.

Sounds more to me like a recipe for civil war.


3 thoughts on “Deportation Farce

  1. hmmm…. just hope, Mrs. Merkel is not caving in. She already had to use her ultimate power tool, called “Richtlinienkompetenz der/des Kanzlers/ins” to keep her own party in order and on her line.


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