Guess What I Did Today

Every so often I get in a little funk that lasts for a week or two. I feel a general sense of malaise and some mild discontent about the way I am living my life. I’ve discovered that these phases all run the same course and invariably resolve themselves in the same way.

First, in an attempt to make myself feel better, I start contemplating all the things I want to change. I make little mental (sometimes written) lists with #1 inevitably being about quitting smoking for good (as opposed to this on again off again thing I have been doing for years).

I also vow to get more physical exercise – like riding my bike more or maybe doing a half hour ballet routine every day.

I consider what limit to set for the number of hours spent alone with my laptop (which is sort of hard seeing as how my laptop has taken over the roles once played by my TV, radio, DVD player, stereo and telephone, my teaching material files, typewriter and office, my airmail stationary, calendar, address and telephone books, my photo albums, my memory . . . and probably more). With me blogging now, too, the situation has gotten even worse – my laptop has become my own personal publishing house.

Anyway, back to the lists. They usually include some New Year’s Resolution-like points:

eating more vegetables,
getting better about watering plants,
doing the ironing more often,
finally learning to cook,
practicing piano more,
being better about calling friends,
wearing brighter colors,
being kinder to animals, children, and old people . . .

At some point the plan is complete and ready to be implemented. I decide to start my new lifestyle “tomorrow”. Then I do something that makes the entire list-making exercise irrelevant.

I get my hair cut.

It almost always does the trick.


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