Tisn’t the Season

Is anyone out there besides me noticing how depressed the blog world is? Stress and troubles and tears everywhere you read. Even the hashtag-humor ones are exploring the darker side of their comedy. Then you sign out of WordPress and turn on the news. Police shootings and mass shootings and terror attacks and war and more mass shootings . . . I suppose it would be strange to feel cheerful these days. But I think there is more to the general malaise than just all the bad news.

The people of the northern hemisphere, collectively, are displaying all the signs of sunshine deprivation, exacerbated by Christmas season stress. We wake up and go to work in the dark. We come back home in the dark. Our natural instinct would be to hibernate, but the working world makes no allowances for this. Just the opposite. For those in trade it is the busiest time of the year. For the rest of us, all the messages are telling us to go out in the cold and the dark and consume – even though the time for that was months ago. Now is the time for falling back on that fat reserve we built up in the feasting season, conserving energy, and sleeping as much as possible. Not running around, being jostled by the Christmas shopping crowds, searching for something, ANYTHING, our relative or coworker might not be disappointed by. Attending one Christmas party after another out of sense of obligation when what we would really like to do is hunker down at home with blanket and a book. It is no wonder that people seem to have the blues.

Here’s the thought that cheers me up (and maybe it will help some of you out there too):

December 26th.

The best day of the entire year. The maniacal holiday has ended but the vacation is still ongoing. The family gathering and its two rounds of thirty double cheek pecks have been dutifully accomplished. There is a new toy or two to play with and no mental “TO DO” list. The candles on the tree may have been blown out, but from now on each day will be a bit longer and a bit lighter. Winter is no longer coming.


One thought on “Tisn’t the Season

  1. For once, my job kind of is in tune with nature, giving me much less work in winter. Just the thingy with falling back on fat reserves isn’t working that well. It’s more like adding to an all too full storage place, what with all the sweets and cookies brought in everyday from customers….. Come Dec. 26th I might already have exploded…. 😉


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