My old blog platform officially died today. I hate to admit it, but I have been looking forward to this event for a while now.

Ever since I moved from there to WordPress, I have been bothered by a conundrum with no clear answer. Why had the old blog continued for months to get more views than the new one, despite the fact that there were no new posts? The support at WordPress said there was no technical problem they could see and I should just be patient. The support at said the views happened because the site was “still active”. Right. As if all these people were clicking on stuff I wrote 6 months ago. In my experience, a post written before last Tuesday is lost and gone forever – never to be visited again (except, maybe, by Mom.)

An in-the-know friend of mine said that the statistics of my former home were probably not true and that the site was simply breaking down. That seemed like the most realistic explanation, but then, why did the views on the old platform spike a little each time I posted on the new one? I finally gave up and decided that once the old platform is gone for good, I might find out if some weird internet connections were recording views on the old rather than the new site.

I concentrated on my new home. Made a few blog friends. Reevaluated slowly the meaning of likes and follows. Decided that I had no desire to do the work necessary to build up a humongous readership. I commented only when something or someone connected with me in some personal way. Followed only when the writing was good or the person was interesting.

I thought A LOT about why I am doing this and for whom. I decided that as much as I like making the occasional connection with a like-minded blogger, I basically write for myself, for Ly, and for people I know. This isn’t an anonymous blog despite the weird name. People in my real life know about it, but none of them are under any obligation to read it. (That’s not true – my Mom has to.) I’m telling my stories and having fun. I’m writing my memoirs one vignette at a time and in no particular order. Someone else is going to have to take care of the Great American Novel.

In light of all this, putting too much emphasis on statistics (sometimes even obsessing about them) had the potential to suck all the enjoyment out of blogging. It was grain of salt time.

And yet.

My brain doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t like unsolved puzzles. Despite my hard won healthy attitude about the past 6 months of illogical numbers, my brain keeps working on the conundrum at an unconscious level, looking for an answer, as if it were one of life’s great mysteries.

The next few days will either shed some light or bury the question forever.

Rest in peace,

From now on, I will too.


8 thoughts on “Adé

  1. Oh, don’t wonder about that. I think, statistics were wrong or at least misleading by some strange searching programs. I gave up wondering months ago. The clicks on my actual pages are between 1 and 9 per day, and these are real views, I guess. Not so many people, but I don’t care, I write these few sentences for myself and for whom might like them. I don’t expect any changes now that doesn’t exist any longer. Just keep on writing, maybe one fine day we will be discovered.


    1. Hey Susanne! So good to hear from you!
      I’m not worried really – just curious, intrigued, bugged . . . . I don’t like it when I don’t understand something – especially when it has to do with numbers.
      As for being discovered – yes, we can always dream! (Smile)


  2. Second try on commenting this: I think, statistics were wrong or falsified by automatic search programs. I gave up looking at these statistics months ago. My actual readers vary between one and nine per day, and these are true numbers, I hope. Not so many people, but I write these few sentences for myself and for whom might like to read them, and I don’t care about the old statistics. I do not think that there will be any differences now that blog. de doesn’t exist any longer.


  3. I agree 100% with figuring out why you blog and sticking to it. I, also, only comment and like things that mean something to me. And, within that context, I did find your awesome new blog here. Thanks for sharing your writing and thoughts with us!

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  4. Funny, I not once went back to to look up the old site or its stats. Reading this, reminds me of its closure and I feel a little sad. Wish, I had thought of it and revisited one last time. But with having imported the old stuff, I’m quite ok.


    1. It was a fluke that I noticed the stats thing at all – having to do with the fact that I started the new site before I ended the old and was doing both for a period of time. Over there views doubled and here there was nothing. Drove me bonkers for a while till I gave up. Figured I’d see on December 16th if anything changed. And it did! Now we’ll see if it is just another fluke . . .


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