Virtual Christmas Greetings

xmasI’ve spent the past three days writing my annual Christmas letter. Yes, I am one of those obnoxious people who send out 8 page long year-in-review form letters near the end of December. This year it was really hard.

Blogging has changed my writing habits. I’ve become used to changing names and avoiding certain biographical and geographic details. Pictures are chosen on the basis of their facelessness. Insignificant details are changed to make the story work better. “Creative nonfiction” (or “embellished autobiography”) is the accepted norm.

And then I sit down to write a letter to people I know personally and who know me – people also spread out all over the globe. Some of them know of this blog and some don’t. For the former, they might recognize the “plagiarized” material. For the latter I am condensing an 800 word post down to two sentences.

In the end, I had to totally block out the world of WordPress and rediscover the spirit of the Christmas letter. So I have been absent from the platform for a while.

But this part of my life is important too. And I feel the desire to extend my Christmas greetings to all of you out there – you who have also become a part of my life in the past year. I love reading about your cakes and your waits, your unsolicited advice and shameful confessions, your poetic impressions and bitter complaints, your travels and travails, your patience and your passions. You are an enrichment and your friendly encouragement means something to me.

Merry Christmas to you all!

6 thoughts on “Virtual Christmas Greetings

  1. Merry christmas to you and your family, I’m glad following your blog which means following your life, somehow, doesn’t it? And a happy new year to you, may it be full of inspiring events…


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