A Symphony of Horror

Round One of recouping the court costs instigated by my insurance company is now completed. I got up this morning, peed in a cup, showered, renounced my morning coffee (but did open the can of grounds, stick my nose in and inhale deeply a few times), let the dogs out and then drove to the doctor’s office. I unfortunately forgot to put on my cross necklace and pack a wooden stake and some garlic. Turned out my general practitioner is on vacation and Dr. Nosferatu is filling in for her. I was horrified by how much blood he needed just to verify my elevated levels of riboflavin (from excessive doctor nosferatuCheeto consumption). My reward for this bloodletting was an appointment for Round Two, another little plastic cup, an envelope titled “hemocare” which I am afraid to open, and a raging headache due to caffeine withdrawal. On the bright side, he had a decent bedside manner and I have at least three more weeks to live.


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