Dog Four Puts Me to Shame

dog fourThis little girl had her ovaries removed this morning. I brought her home right after and she continued to sleep for another hour before getting up, taking her first few wobbly steps, and then half-falling, half-lying down again. By two hours later she had:

run around the house,
eaten some kibble,
run to the door to greet my husband,
run up the steps to look out the window at the landing,
gone outside for a pee,
jumped up on her favorite chair, and
made her first feeble attempt to get old Dog Three to play with her.

I, on the other hand, came home from work with a stomach ache two days ago and have spent most of the time since in a state of horizontal self-pity with no end in sight, self-diagnosing one organ failure after another, depending on where the aches and pains are/were currently located. Right now I believe it is either acute appendicitis or a brain tumor. Yesterday it was a bladder infection for a while and then turned into kidney disease. I also briefly considered ulcers, food poisoning and the flu – but not just any ol’ flu – some scary kind that makes headlines. Meanwhile, my obviously broken thermometer simply refused to go above the normal 36.8°.

By Sunday, Dog Four will be back to new and, with any luck, I will back to just plain old.


2 thoughts on “Dog Four Puts Me to Shame

  1. Well done Dog Four! And I hope you feel better soon… Made me chuckle a bit as I am the biggest hypochondriac ever! (Not suggesting you are… Sounds bad! GWS!)


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