Wait a Sec!

Nara wrote something funny on the subject of waiting in her blog yesterday. Allow me to quote (or plagiarize?):

But we’re just… Waiting. As ever. I think there should be a guidebook called The Infertile’s Guide To Waiting. And in it, there would be lots of blank pages with “…” written on. And maybe every now and then there would be something like “Perhaps you ovulated!” and “Attend someone else’s baby shower/christening/etc”.

It got me thinking about the whole idea of (well meaning) advice for people dealing with waiting periods of unknown length for whatever reason (IVF, adoption, enlightenment, retirement, an apology, the Rapture, Mr. Right, a slow waiter, emergency surgery, rich Aunt Hester to die, Godot . . . the list is endless). As a skilled procrastinator, I think I could be really good at advising people on how to wait. I’m going to give it a try! Soon!

In the meantime, consider how much advice is already out there on the subject. The many sayings and proverbs and clichés and idioms . . .

Good things come to those who wait (because there’s no time like the present!)
Haste makes waste (when a stitch in time saves nine!)
Look before you leap! (Just do it!)

And then there is my favorite expression:

Wait a sec!

Really? Is it even possible to “wait” for just one second? Isn’t that the opposite of “waiting”?

(Random only tangentially related thought: In German, there is a word that is falsely translated in every dictionary there is. The word is “sofort” and if you look it up, good ol’ Collins or Langenscheidt will tell you it means “immediately”. But I have heard the word used a thousand times –by waiters in restaurants, or by my husband, to name just two examples – and I can tell you with absolute certainty that the word means a lot of things, but never “immediately”.)

And while I am on the subject of good things coming to those who procrastinate, I had Round Two of my complete physical today. Despite having almost all my lifeblood sucked out of me by Dr. Nosferatu three weeks ago and being on my death bed with multiple organ failures just last week, my doctor pronounced me to be “one healthy girl” and gave me an A- (which I can bring up to an A if I quit smoking.) My very active non-smoking, salad-eating, sports-doing, virtually teetotalling husband with his high cholesterol and persnickety liver doesn’t understand the world anymore. “Wait a sec!” he thinks, “How is that possible?”


3 thoughts on “Wait a Sec!

  1. oh, I love this one! So happy, your’e allright (except for maybe becoming a tad hypochondriac?) and so sorry for the man forever exercising the last grain of stamina out of his system… but wait a sec, is this true?


    1. Yeah the hypochondria was a byproduct of menopause plus aging, I think. And it is getting old. Since yesterday I’ve decided to go back to my former attitude that I am going to live forever. As for the hubby – he makes the mistake of waiting till he feels bad to get the complete check-up. He finds a sliver of time between his job, a principle’s conference, a visit to his mom, and a 500 mile bike ride to quick get his blood work done. But I think he learned from my example – next time he is going to prep for the blood tests like I did (a week of only water, no alc,, lots of fruits and veggies, little meat and potatoes, lots of rest . . .) It makes a difference.

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