Sheepishly Howling “Bah!” at the Moon

Decisions, decisions.

While catching up on my Reader this morning, I discovered all sorts of bloggers asking me to decide stuff. Is it better to live in chaos or order? Am I a sheep or a wolf? Does God exist or not?

It was a lot to deal with so early on a Monday morning.

The order/chaos thing I have dealt with in earlier blogs. (The “To Do” list I write every day and then promptly ignore is done in a very neat and structured way.) The God question has been dealt with and assiduously avoided too. The sheep/wolf question was new.

Choosing between a life of boredom as part of the herd or one of loneliness and solitude going my own way. It’s true that writing is a solitary activity – as evidenced by the way I snap at my daughters sometimes when they come in and interrupt me. It is also true that a writer who produces content solely to please the herd is probably a hack. On the other hand, the lone wolf is usually not alone by choice.

howling sheepSo in the end, I will do what I usually do – deconstruct the metaphor and then reject the premise of the question. Meanwhile, my “To Do” list has gotten longer and the rest of my life shorter, but at least I am ready to click on “Publish” in stoic and not unhappy expectation of being virtually ignored. That’s something.

And now it’s time for some breakfast with my daughters.


6 thoughts on “Sheepishly Howling “Bah!” at the Moon

  1. You aren’t being ignored. Not by me, at least! I think you can be both. I feel like both. (Although, I don’t think I’m a hack haha) I’ve always been a little strange/lone wolf-y in life. But, most of my writings appeal to the herd. My whole M.O is to take my strange, awkward life and things that happen around me and try to relate to other people. People write for different reasons. I’m going to reject the premise with you! So there!


    1. Thanks for that – and for the daily laugh you never fail to supply. I’m not really worried about being ignored – I simply suck at the whole self-promotion part of blogging. But I love the writing part and making the occasional new connection – like you! Welcome to the Order of the Lone Howling Sheep.

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