Post-Team Sucking Disorder – (MYoM – Part 24)

One afternoon a week, the other teachers and I have a meeting to talk through school business and prepare stuff. We call it simply “Team” – as in “Do we have Team on Monday or Tuesday next week?” or “Let’s talk about that at the next Team.”

teamAs I have written before (“All Talked Out”) – every so often these meetings can go on ridiculously long, partly because we all lack discipline, but also because every last and tiniest decision is a group one. No, strike that. It’s because we all lack discipline.

My post yesterday was a demonstration of the effects of one of these Monster-Teams. The very long 12 hours at work had depleted my reserves of functioning brain cells almost entirely. Just sucked them all right out of my head. I then killed off the remaining few with a glass of red wine and went to bed. Woke up this morning with what felt like a case of PTSD. I was a walking zombie for most of the day.

Now that I have moaned a little, I confess that – for some strange, quite possibly demented reason – I still love this job.

The school is a little oasis of idealism in the Desert of Dark Times. We teachers all work many more hours than we are paid to do. We all let the job slosh over into our private lives to some extent. The kids all work too – not for grades or rewards or under pressure, but simply because that is what kids do when they don’t have a screen to look at or swipe. The parents also devote a lot of their free time to working for the school to keep it running and financially solvent. It’s a messy and improvised place, sometimes complicated, sometimes really complicated. Like Henslowe’s theater in “Shakespeare in Love” –

“The natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster. . .

So what do we do?

shakespeareNothing. Strangely enough, it all turns out well.


I don’t know. It’s a mystery.”


4 thoughts on “Post-Team Sucking Disorder – (MYoM – Part 24)

  1. God bless you. Really. It’s funny, when I worked I had Team meetings one Friday per month. They were four hours long, if lucky. I’d rather have a tooth pulled without Novocaine. Thx for teaching. Noblest of professions.

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    1. What a lovely comment – thanks! For me, personally, it is hard to feel “noble” when I’m having fun – but in the grand scheme of things, I appreciate the sentiment. I so hope society will return to generally trusting teachers instead of bashing them.

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