Locutus Interruptus

What I really need right now is to go on an epic rant (a “questus an heroicos” in Latin – or at least that’s what the Google Translator tells me) about some work-related stuff, but the self-imposed rules of this blog won’t allow me to do that. So I am going to talk about “Star Trek Next Generation” instead.

My favorite episode is the one where Captain Picard goes all Borg and stops speaking for the crew. The whole ship is running on fumes (like my car was Monday morning – I should have realized that the “Empty Tank” light was a sign as well as a bad start to the two 15-hour days ahead of me . . . ) and for some reason the youngest member of the team, excuse me, I mean crew, Wesley Crusher, sort of decides he’s going to take command. And he starts ordering people around and Geordi LaForge is, like, What’s up with this shit?? And then they’re all in the observation lounge and every time Geordi wants to say something, Wesley or Commander Riker interrupts him – which drives him absolutely crazy! (Google Translator tells me the Latin term for this is “orationem interrumpunt” but I prefer my own creation “locutus interruptus” because it fits better with my extended metaphor here.) Anyway, then Wesley makes what boils down to an unfair accusation and Geordi really really needs to take an emergency cigarette break – excuse me, I mean he needs to check the warp engines, but then Counselor Troi steps in and calms the situation down. At least until Day Two when some kids are acting up in the classroom and Wesley tells Geordi to go take care of the problem even though he isn’t even on duty and he’s thinking Are you serious?! Luckily Captain Picard gets de-borged and stops with all the “You must assimilate and resistance is futile” crap and he and Geordi take a walk around the neighborhood, I mean the holodeck, and talk about authenticity, which sort of helps.


I’m not sure how it ends, but three weeks later they will all get a break on Risa, and just in time because the solution to most of their troubles is sleep.

Man that was a great episode.


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