No one understood my last post. I thought it was so obvious, but I guess not. “Donny” was Trump. The other children were “John Ellis” Bush aka Jeb, “Marco” Rubio and “Rafael” Edward (Ted) Cruz. (Just realized I misspelled the last one. Oops.)

impatiently-waitingNow go back and read it again.


Go on. I’ll wait.


Hoosh hoosh!


Seriously now. The real reason I am explaining all this is to defend my school kids. They would never behave so badly. They know better.

Two more quick points while I am on the topic of politics:

  1. You know how commentators sometimes say that the world is watching us and shaking their heads? That this whole GOP primary is an embarrassment on a global scale? Well, that’s true.
  2. And to end on a positive note: Thank you, John Oliver.

drumpf cap

15 thoughts on “Postscript

      1. I understand that fear. Still – I’m nearly 100% sure there will not be a President Trump. The approx. 75-80+% of the population that don’t want him remain pretty constant. There is no math that lets him win a general election. The problem is the damage he does en route to his defeat.

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  1. Very clever post! I did know where you were going with it but didn’t successfully decipher it all. So, thanks. 🙂 I loved that John Oliver piece. America is wacked out right now. It’s unbelievable, but…yet…here it is!


      1. Gosh, I hope so. I keep thinking maybe it’s all a big conspiracy to get Hillary elected, but I could also see Donny deciding that he would be a better president than her at the last minute even if they did have such an agreement! It seems too crazy NOT to be a conspiracy!


      2. I think he got in the race for the same reason he has done everything else -to build his brand (i.e. the core of his wealth). I don’t believe he ever really wanted the job – just the spotlight. I suppose if this all blows up in his face and “Trump” becomes synonymous with “loser”, there would be some divine justice in all of this.

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  2. love the old lady picture 🙂 and with the closing line last time you made the personae you were going on about pretty clear. It’s just that I don’t care that much who of the Reps is bullying whom, they are all crap as far as I’m concerned


  3. Ha! I actually thought it was this (just saying, from a non American!) but didn’t know enough about what’s going on to verify it! I’m glad you explained! 😂


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