Life Lesson #21 – Philosophers Make Terrible Boyfriends


“The unexamined life is not worth living.”


Good ol’ Socrates. Say what you want about him, but he supplied me with the closest thing I have to a life philosophy. It seems to me that the entire discipline (Philosophy – at least the “Western” part) started off well with him and went downhill from there. My life experiences have only tended to confirm that suspicion.

I dated a philosopher once and don’t recommend it.We were both studying in Freiburg at the time, so he was not only a Philosophy major, but a German one! Oh boy. When the romance started, all I knew was that I knew nothing. But that was okay. Our relationship was fairly Socratic with lots of dialogue and discovery. Unfortunately, it quickly turned more and more platonic. After a month or so he went all Descartes on me. You know – “I think (I’m right), therefore I am”. Then his Germanic roots started sprouting and Freud’s observations of 19th century repressed women became relevant. I started wondering what it was I really wanted. I think it was Schopenhauer who dealt the first truly fatal blow to our relationship. His views on women were so irrational with no sense of justice. I got tired of hearing them. The final pronouncement came with Nietzsche, of course. Love was dead. There was no more Truth to be discovered.

Which brings us full circle back to Socrates. So . . . what do you know?


But at least, now, you know that.


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