I’m Thinking My Cat Might Be the Devil

One aspect of my recuperation is that I have been sleeping on the living room couch since Monday because I can find a position there where my arm doesn’t hurt. On the first night I set up everything I might need in the night on the coffee table: a glass of water, my cell phone and Kindle, the IPad, the two remote controls. Unfortunately, I forgot about the cat and that he would have access to my face all night long. And he is a drooler. So I spent a part of the night waking up and swatting him away. The morning started badly with, literally, a rude awakening. My cat jumped on top of me, landing squarely on my bad shoulder. I reflexively took a swing which sent him flying off the couch and on to the coffee table. I heard my water glass smashing and water spilling out. I jolted up (OUCH!), scrambled for my glasses (OUCH!), and surveyed the carnage. Luckily for him the water ran off the table right in between all the electronics or he would have been banished from the house for the duration. As it is, we had a little talk and set the ground rules of where he can lie from now on. His restraining order stipulates that he cannot come within 18 inches of my face. So far he has complied, but this is how he feels about it:


7 thoughts on “I’m Thinking My Cat Might Be the Devil

  1. That is a picture of a cat that is totally planning revenge.

    Perhaps some form of bribery to keep him on a different piece of furniture. I recommend catnip with an old heating pad. Possibly adding a treat or 2.

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