A Clash of Titans


I’ve had a wrestling match going on inside my body for the past two weeks. Or to be more accurate, I haven’t. But I should. Let me explain.

clash2Picture the ring.  In one corner is The Power of Pain making me dutifully swallow the pills, drink the tea and lie on the couch. In the other corner is The Force of Habit – and that particular force is strong with me – which keeps me gravitating to my laptop, sitting for too long, falling back into my slouchy posture, and forgetting to eat.  My recuperation has been a roller coaster ride as a result. After two sort of bad days in a row, I woke up this morning and just knew I didn’t want to take any more pills. Not only are they making me feel depressed, they are only treating the symptoms (pain) and not the cause (habits). It’s time to let these two have at each other.

Contestants on your marks! Blow the whistle!



4 thoughts on “A Clash of Titans

  1. Gaaah. Why are good habits so hard to establish?
    I also need to start moving. I want to set up a new routine that includes a daily walk but despite having plenty of time for it – haven’t done it. I wake up and start surfing the internet. And then it’s all but over until I need to get ready for work.


  2. but if it is an inflammation, you really should stay on your medication, even if it seems to have cooled down a bit. Otherwise this might turn into something nasty and sticky. Lasting forever. I have members at work, who struggle with their shoulders for 1 1/2 yrs and longer. Its the most tricky joint to heal, I’ve heard, being the only free-hanging one, fixated in “free space”, so to say, with tissue and sinews, only, And that at odd angles with lots of pressure on them often.


    1. I hear you – but I am going on instinct here. As I have experienced before – I find these drugs are affecting me in completely contrary-to-the-norm ways. Marijuana is supposed to make people relaxed and it made me paranoid. Painkillers are supposed to make people happy and I have only felt depressed.The pain is minimal now – nothing my threshold can’t handle – and my plan is to feel it and use it to point me in the right direction. Does that make sense?

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