A Love Song to My Spam Fans

I have recently discovered the fun of reading spam comments filtered out by Akismet. (If “kismet” means luck, then does “akismet” mean “no luck”feeder?) They are always so complimentary and contain such cute grammar mistakes. I like the fact that they all come from sites with running shoe brands in their names. I love how wonderfully inappropriate they are to the theme of whatever post attracted their algorithms. Take today’s example. It came attached to an earlier post about funny inventions my brothers drew as kids (“Grand Theft Notebook”). The comment specifically referred to “The Automatic Dog Feeder” invention (see picture) and said this:

Very efficiently written information. It will be supportive to anybody who usess it, including yours truly :).

I so wish I could reply!

Dear Mr. Spammer, Thank you for the compliment. I wish you the best of luck in building your dog feeding machine! And, if you don’t mind, please send me a picture of it when it is finished.


3 thoughts on “A Love Song to My Spam Fans

    1. I’m actually older than you by about 7 years (3rd grade in 1978 makes you about 69er, right? I’m a 62er). I look back fondly on the viagra-nigerian prince-penis enlargement years. Now it is all running shoes and self-helpers. I’m just saying – enjoy BigDick69 while he lasts.

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