Me and My Shadow

Whenever I am home and chance to look down at the floor – some version of this is what I usually see:

dogthree1My Dog Three. She is going on 15 years old which is really old for a dog her size. As I have mentioned before, she is deaf, almost blind and fairly senile. She’s also got some kind of doggie Parkinson’s, so she trembles a lot. Her back legs give out on her at times, and if I accidentally tug a little too hard on the leash, she topples over. But she can still chase the cat and make it all the way around the cornfield, even picking a little fight with an unimpressed cow along the way.

She’s always been a quivery, hypersensitive thing, but in the past half year, it has gotten more noticeable. If she is not sleeping in her bed, she is always within a meter or so of me – usually next to my desk. Whenever I get up to do something, I hear her sigh and drag herself up to follow.


dogthree2When I go get a glass of water from the kitchen, there she is. If I stay longer at the sink –doing dishes, for instance – then she comes up and stands directly behind me. I feel her leaning against the back of my knees.


dogthree3When I go out on the porch, there she sits. (She has trouble getting over the stoop and so usually waits inside.)




When I come up from the basement after doing laundry or something, there she stands at the top of the steps.


Even when I go to the bathroom, she comes and stands guard. If I don’t close the door completely, she pushes it open with her snout and I see this:


I fully realize that those of you out there who are not dog-people will probably find all this just a bit creepy. She has always looked scarier than my other dogs and old age has not exactly made her more attractive. But for me it has become normal – even comforting – to be stalked this way. It’s a little sad, and, somehow, so lovely.


15 thoughts on “Me and My Shadow

  1. We are not dog people, but I do not think she looks scary.
    I remember my girls following me like this when they were little, two small shadows next to me whereever I went. Even in the bathroom.
    Dog No. 3 seems to enjoy you being at home for such a long period.


    1. Actually, I went back to work last week – but now it is Easter vacation – so I’m at home again. Thanks for not finding my dog scary. But what I really want to say here is how lucky you were to have your girls following you around. From the moment my first got mobile, it was me chasing after her!


      1. OOOkaaay. Well, I guess, it was sort of easier for me…
        Talking about dogs: I once knew a very very friendly dog, always sitting on the coachman’s seat next to her person, a very very friendly elderly Spanish farmer, both smiling to the world. It took me a while to understand that the dog was friendly, grinning and not showing his teeth as a menace. He was actually smiling. What a pity I was too young to take a photo of them.


  2. My old cat did that too. He’s been gone 6 months and sometimes I swear I see him in a corner lurking. If he couldn’t find me he’d holler. Loudly. Still miss him. You’re dog is sweet. You are his person.

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    1. Thanks. I really like being her person – and I am sure I will feeling her absence for a long time when she goes. Like Peter Pan after he lost his shadow. It is hard for me to imagine a cat doing this – mine have all been little tyrants.

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  3. Love it! Great post and pics, 227. I am totally a pet person, so this just looks like normal life to me. 8 cats over the years, only one still living. Dog #1 and #2 both made it to 16; we are on #3 and #4 now. They are here with me as I speak, asleep together on the futon, one dreaming with his paws running in mid-air. They love movie night; their favorite is Disney’s Ratatouille. They even go on RV trips with us. Pet your pup for me. JJ42

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