Freedom Egg

freedom egg

The top guy in our local chapter of the Freedom Party came by today and gave us this Easter egg. Of course it is blue – the party’s color. How nice. Maybe I’ll vote for them after all. Oh wait – I’m not allowed to vote. I’m a foreigner.

To be precise, they aren’t really the Freedom Party (“Freiheit”), but the Freedom-like or Freedom-ish Party (“freiheitlich”) – which always makes me think of Stephen Colbert’s “truthiness”. And like all political parties claiming to be freedomish, their definition of that term is hard to discern. It’s clear what they want freedom FROM: from government and regulation, from conservatives and socialists, from the EU and political correctness, and, of course, freedom from foreigners. The freedoms TO . . . do whatever  . . . are much less clear. What would actually be freer if they got into power – I mean, beyond cigarette lighters in election season and blue eggs in March?

The last election to happen while I was still teaching university students was for the European Union Parliament back in 2009. We discussed the platforms of all the parties, with the freedomish one providing some comic relief – literally! Part of their campaign came in the form of a comic book distributed throughout the country. It was all about the heroic acts of their national leader, HC Strache with his bluest of eyes. Here’s a little taste:

blue planet comic book
Translation: “We are only hospitable to guests who also behave like guests. Now get outta here!!”


More recently and locally, this same party got almost a third of the votes in my little village last year with their campaign slogans “Foreigner in your own country?” and “YOUR chance for REVENGE!” The posters shouting out these words also featured pictures of local party members, including the bearer of today’s blue egg. He is actually one of my nearest neighbors. He owned the gas station and restaurant at the bottom of our hill. Despite his retiring recently, this restaurant is still the favorite hangout of the village’s freedomish people.

And we all just got new neighbors. 100 meters uphill from the restaurant, an old Bed & Breakfast was renovated to house 30 refugees – all young men from various nations. Separated only by a meadow and a small stream, those two houses can now spend all day pondering one another. I wonder if the refugees – actually, we call them “migrants” now – got blue eggs today too?


10 thoughts on “Freedom Egg

  1. Sigh. So many people have vague but deeply held beliefs. I’m not sure how a belief can be deeply held without having been completely thought out and carefully considered, but the human brain is very good at doing that.

    Contradictions are ignored in politics. That’s why Vague is route to success.

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      1. True. I rarely (actually never) quote the bible, but here we go:

        Hebrews 11.1:
        “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

        Just substitute “belief” for “faith” and your point is made.

        I prefer ideas and thoughts too.


  2. This is a cool post.
    Never knew, the bearded guy was a FPÖler. Just right, the migrants home is right next to the gas station. I just hope, noone will harm the new villagers, like it might well happen (and already does) here at places in Dunkeldeutschland.

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    1. So far, things seem to be going well. I was in the village store and noticed the women there greeting some of our new villagers in the same friendly way they do everyone else – also helping them to find what they need in a nice way. It was heartening.

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  3. Well, enjoy your blue egg and contemplation of what freedom-ish life might involve. Here in the USA, we’re waiting for the Easter Bunny to deliver us from the evils of Trump and his proposed wall. I am encouraged by this line: “an old Bed & Breakfast was renovated to house 30 refugees – all young men from various nations” I wish people here were open-minded enough to do something like this. Happy Easter! 🙂


    1. Somehow I think it’s going to take more than the Easter Bunny. But, ultimately, I share Obama’s faith in the American people as a whole. And Trump might be the very thing to finally unite all the disparate groups fighting essentially for the same thing: the feminists, the LGBTs, the low wage workers, the minorities, the unions, the environmentalists, the civil rights groups, etc. . . .
      Maybe in the end “Trump” will equal “loser” and justice will be divine.

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