At the End of a Long Day

I had to sacrifice this weekend to work. Our biggest school day of the year is coming up – the day all the parents come and see what the kids have been doing and learning throughout the year. My contribution is the slideshow – photos from the entire school year, set to music, running on a loop for the parents to come view whenever they want. It is a massive project – siphoning down the roughly 5000 pictures from 10 different sources to the 500 or so that can reasonably be shown within 25 minutes. Ordering them somehow. Made harder by the fact that none of the cameras they come from are set to the accurate date.

It is now Sunday and after 11 pm and I am about half done. My eyes are square and my neck muscles are screaming. I finally decided to call it a night – calculating how if I cancel this and push off that in the coming week, I might have time to finish it by Thursday. I went out on to the porch to think it through and saw this:


The moon was telling me to : “Smile!”

Things will all work out.


I don’t know. It’s a mystery.

3 thoughts on “At the End of a Long Day

  1. The project will come together, no worries! Would a smiling moon lie to you? When my pup graduated from Canine Kindergarten, the teacher gave me and each of the other pet parents a CD slideshow with 500+ pics taken during class. Mine also had shots of my baby in his cap and tassel, rolled up little diploma in his teeth! He’s 5 now. I will always treasure the labor and thoughtfulness she put into that project. School parents will, too. 🙂


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