PTSD* Protocol

teamWe covered a lot of ground and made a lot of decisions in our team meeting today. The field trip to the castle we just postponed will now be on the 3rd, unless the weather is bad, in which case it will be on the 10th. If that happens we will have to reschedule the Ethiopia presentation, if we haven’t already turned that into a student and parents’ evening event, in the off-chance they all respond positively to that idea and the field trip to the nature preserve will be on the 20th assuming our cuban guest teacher is flexible enough to change one of her three project dates if not we will go on the 19th and only to river part of the program that is close enough to walk to and then put off our school assembly on the 19th for another week i am glad we got all of that cleared up where is the scotch?

*(For the uninitiated, in this blog, PTSD stands for “post-team-sucking disorder”.)

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