Historic May 22nd

Today is an important day. Maybe even historic.

Not because I went to a community meeting to help plan a big “Welcome! Let’s Get to Know Each Other!” party for our 30 new refugee villagers (along with the mere 20 other villagers who actually welcome them).

And not because one of my school kids has caught some mild childhood disease and, today, hysterically sent out a WhatsApp to all the other kids that our London trip is going to be called off. (That kept me on the phone for several hours. The bright spot: I now know what “Slapped Cheek Syndrome” is.)

And not because today might turn out to be, in the words of cabaret artist, Christof Spörk, the last day of Austria’s 2nd Republic.

And not because the closest election I have ever witnessed happened today – the results of which are still not in. (The winner will be determined by several thousand absentee ballots to be counted tomorrow, one of which is from my friend Lyart.)

fifty fifty

No, none of those things are why today is so important.

Happy Birthday, Ly!!


10 thoughts on “Historic May 22nd

  1. Exciting, yes. But also incredibly . . . agitating. The major parties all lost miserably in the first round of this election. Now Austrians have to choose between the Far Left and the Extreme Right. A foreshadowing of the Sanders-Trump election – shoud that come to be.


    1. Hey there Nara. You know that suggestion I made about you showing up at our youth hostel last week? I have to take it back. This mild thing sickness a few of the kids had puts one group of people at greater risk – pregnant women in the first trimester. I thought I had better let you know just in case you were thinking about coming. Too bad – it would have been nice to chat. Maybe my next London trip . . . ?


      1. Ahh, never mind. Anyway I don’t know how I will feel, depending on the scan! Next time! Definitely message me if you need any tips on London / getting around!


  2. More refugees than welcomers? What IS “slapped cheek syndrome” anyway? Christof Spork?–the inventor of the plastic spoon-fork utensil that functions well as neither? Sanders still has a chance to become the Democratic contender? This post gives me much to contemplate! And Happy Birthday, Ly! 🙂

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    1. The answers to your questions:
      It seems that way, unfortunately.
      I have no idea — it is what the translator spit out when I entered “Ringelröteln”.
      Not guilty of introducing that bizarre invention to the world.
      No – but it was the closest US comparison to the face-off here.

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