Goodbye, Mass Hysteria

A whole bunch of stuff . . . just . . . somehow . . . righted itself today.

I went to bed last night with all sorts of issues looming over me. I could almost feel their cold and creepy shadows on my skin as I tossed this way and turned that way and adjusted the pillow for the 10th time . . .

There was the undecided election. Would Austria be the very first country in Europe to elect an extreme right (“freedomish”) candidate to the Presidency? And if that happened – what would it mean for my daughters? For my life here? It was not the first time that I wondered “How do you know when it is time to go?”

Then there was the (possible, mild form of) rubella outbreak in the school. One worried mother had set a rampage in motion – words like “quarantine” and “birth defects” and “no fly list” and “dereliction of duty to report” were being used in a flurry of phone calls among parents and staff. How much would this complicate our trip to London next week?

And then there was the fact that I had waited too long to arrange our trip to the Vienna airport. By the time I got around to it, I realized that our school’s train discount card had expired and there wasn’t enough time to request and receive a new one. My discussion with their customer service guy last Thursday didn’t make me hopeful. I would either have to break the budget or go with the bus that arrived uncomfortably close to our departure time.

After a fitful night, I woke up strangely . . . fit.

Only three of my twelve students came to school, but we talked through the situation and decided that the whole thing was overblown. We skipped the planned English lesson and made a cool “Welcome” banner for our upcoming Summerfest.

During the break, the postman arrived with the new train cards.

After school, I stopped by my doctor’s office and explained the situation to him in detail. His professional opinion was, and I quote, “Go to London.”

I then went to pick up my daughter from the bus stop, and having an unexpected hour to kill, I knocked off one thing after another on my To Do list, some of which had been in the procrastination holding pattern for quite some time.  Check! Check! Check! It was all so . . . easy!

In the final five minutes of my wait, I checked the news headlines and heard that . . .

vdbAustria has elected its (and I assume Europe’s) first Green Party President!!

Don’t you just love days when everything goes left?



3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Mass Hysteria

  1. I love it when a plan comes together! The last line of this rocked! Gives me hope that, for all the yapping going on about the USA elections and how close it is, Bernie could still win this one. Thanks for the ray of sunshine, 227, the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

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    1. I wouldn’t put much hope in Bernie winning – as much as I like him. The important thing is that, when push comes to shove – or crunch? – people reject the negative and demonizing view of the world. Hillary is okay. She is smart and competent and wants to do the left thing. I will be with her – no question.

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