London – Day One, Really

I’m already back home.

The plan was to post the picture highlights of each day directly from London – but that didn’t quite work out. Not only do I barely know how to use either WordPress or my cell (and I seem to have fat clumsy fingers), but the WIFI was unreliable. And then there were the three-day-long negotiations with the (all but one!) lovely hostel staff about whether we had paid for breakfasts already or not. That will be a future blog post. To cut to the chase – we got our breakfasts, no extra charge.

The fact that I didn’t have time or energy to post had absolutely nothing to do with being responsible for 12 kids 24/7 and tramping around the city all day with them – continually doing head counts and taking consensus votes on where to go and what to do next. Finding public restrooms in a pinch, or places to eat where the Micky D. fans and the vegetarians would all be satisfied.

The kids were fantastic. There was hardly a whine and no spats whatsoever. When a meeting place and time was arranged, they were all there, all twelve, and usually five minutes early. I loved watching them experience London.

Here are some impressions of the first full day (very limited by my own “no faces” rule). Day Two and Three will have to wait until after I get some sleep.

Our itinerary:

Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross (M&M’s Store), St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London and London Bridge, Thames cruise, London Dungeon.


3 thoughts on “London – Day One, Really

  1. Nice pics, 227. I always think I’m going to do a daily play-by-play on FaceBook, so my family and friends can see how much fun I’m having on my vacations. But I have 2 modes: doing mode and writing mode, and never the twain shall meet. On the road, I’m busy, tired, forgot to take pictures, have no WiFi available, cannot put two words together, etc. I’m lucky to get a handwritten paragraph into my journal each day. Glad you guys had fun and made it back safely. 🙂


  2. You are so cheerful about it. I would have felt like I had negotiated the amazon on styrofoam egg crate if I had to corral 10 kids in a foreign city. It makes me shudder just considering it.
    I’m glad it was good. The pics look like it was fun. (I’m shaking my head at the mystery of that.)


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