Greetings from Your Stalker

stalkerEver since my London trip I have been scrambling to catch up on every part of my life – work, family, home maintenance, social obligations  . . . even blogging. You might be surprised to learn which particular area of neglect has caused me the most acute feelings of guilt (I’ll give you a hint: it’s not the third one). Uh oh. Now, the last day of the school year is speeding toward me and the calendar between today and then is filling up fast. The free hours remaining to use for writing end-of-the-year letters to my students are running out (28 English letters and then another 28 in German together with a colleague – ouch!) Realistically, I would almost have to begin this evening if they are to be done on time . . .

That’s why I decided to use tonight to finally start catching up on the last three weeks of my WordPress Reader instead. Some of you – my WP homeys – may have just suffered a minor onslaught of likes and comments. Sorry about that. But, it feels nice to be up to speed again. For the rest of you – prepare for incoming!

And now – it’s back to work . . .

“Dear Anna,
What a year it has been! When I think back on . . . “


3 thoughts on “Greetings from Your Stalker

  1. I saw a lot of activity from you and figured you were “catching up.” Does your school year run the same as in the US with summers off or will you have a summer session in a few weeks? Enjoy your time off (as soon as you finish your letters) and don’t worry about home maintenance. That never goes away.


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