Here’s What I Think

I went to a nice family celebration today. I caught up with the in-laws and nieces and nephews. Being the token American, I had a lot of conversations about Donald Trump and (en-)countered the same three comments I seem to hear from everyone:

  1. Americans don’t like or trust either of the candidates this year.
  2. Trump could win.
  3. This is a close election.

These are all things you hear over and over in the media – a slow drumbeat of supposed truths that gradually numb your mind. You’ve heard them so often that they seem true and you give up questioning them. You might even end up repeating them yourself . . .

“Stop it!” I tell myself. “Wake up, C. and smell the manipulation!” I add, and then “Shake it off and do the Math!”


So here’s what I think:

about 1.)

If poll after poll asks “Is this person trustworthy?” it will make people stop and wonder “Is this person trustworthy?” Suddenly the person has a trustworthiness issue. It’s the same with “likeability” or any other emotion-based question.

The vast majority of Americans don’t know either of the candidates, have never met them, and will never meet them. How they hear the words of these candidates – which tidbits they pick up on and which they overhear – will depend on their own selective perception, what they want to hear, which station they tune into and what other people they know repeat.

about 2.)

Trump could win in the same way Mickey Mouse could win.

(Or maybe I should use “Joe Camel” rather than Mickey. Joe was famously the more recognizable cartoon character to children and more dangerous for them. Joe is now gone because of it.)

about 3.)

It is in everyone’s interest to maintain the premise that this is a close election. For the media it keeps talking heads talking and more viewers tuning in. For Trump it helps to sustain the illusion he has worked so hard to conjure. For Clinton, it helps to prevent people from getting complacent and staying home on Election Day.

But is it really true?

A great website ( collects numbers from various State polls (arguing that it is not a national election, but 50+ State elections and therefore national polls have little meaning.) It crunches the numbers – always with an eye on the Electoral College and the magic number of 270. The website provides graphic depictions of the results, updating almost daily.

Here’s 2004 – a truly and famously close election:


election 2004


Here’s 2008 – one that shifted around a lot until the housing crash:


election 2008


And here’s 2016 so far. Now someone please explain to me how this is a “close election”.


election 2016









8 thoughts on “Here’s What I Think

    1. I didn’t intend to give the impression that we should all relax. My point is more about the way media and pollsters can manipulate how we all see reality – which probably helps Trump more than Clinton unfortunately. There is no substantive coverage if we all just keep reeling from one outrageous statement to the next. If hours and hours of news time are spent broadcasting emotional reactions to today’s utterly predictable provocation.
      The people behind the website I linked to are not pollsters. They just compile poll results. (One of them is even a Goldwater fan, apparently!) Nate Silver has a good reputation, but he still works with national polls as far as I know – and I do not believe that these are all that relevant in the end.

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  1. Seeing how not even the Republicans are all behind Trump, I find it also hard to believe, there will be anything like a close race. Clinton should sail into presidency without any trouble. Not that I think, she’s that great. But given the alternatives….

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    1. I’m done with saying that Clinton isn’t great. She is one tough cookie. She is so intelligent. She has put up with relentless shit for 25 years. She has worked hard to help people and succeeded. And somehow I doubt that it was all just a ruse to make herself more powerful.


  2. This says it all. I have heard person after person repeat things they have heard probably from cousin Gladys at the swapmeet. I am stunned that people are so vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation. They actually believe everything they hear on the internet. Seriously? It’s not about whether you personally like a person (how many people really know either candidate?) but the positions they stand for and what they say they will do. How can anyone believe that Mexico will build a wall for us? It’s being run like a reality show for people who fall into that hype. Yes, we got to get out the vote.

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  3. We can’t let ourselves become complacent. It is our civic duty to vote and we should pick the best candidate from the choices we have. Neither are ideal, but one is definitely more in line with my goals for this country than the other. 🙂


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