My husband and I have spent part of the summer de-junking the house. We are both the types to not throw anything away that might have some as yet unimagined future use, so an unbelievable mass of . . . let’s face it – crap – has accumulated in and around our house over the past 27 years.

There have been discussions.

For instance, about the box of old undefinable plumbing equipment – tubes, joints, spigots, (I really have no idea what I am talking about . . . ) I ask why we need to keep this stuff. He answers that we might want to do the kitchen someday. I respond, but will these 25 year old parts really be helpful?

He then discovers a box of old baby clothes. Now here is something we really don’t need! I explain that I might make a quilt out of them someday. He looks at me and asks me when the last time I sewed something was.

We agreed to be very honest about whether these things would realistically be useful again.

The plumbing box was carted away, as was the box of baby clothes.

libraryToday I got to my library. It is filled with things that will spend the rest of their existence collecting dust. 85% of these books have been read and therefore will never be read again. 10% are books people gave me that I have no intention of ever reading. 5% are books I bought and intended to read, but after 5, 10, 15 years of not getting around to it, I doubt they will ever be cracked open.

According to our agreement, most of them should go.

But all of that is irrelevant.

One does not throw away books.



7 thoughts on “Conundrum

  1. I totally agree about the books. Impossible to throw away. My only salvation has been the “free library” in my neighborhood. It’s a small wooden box with a framed glass door and one shelf inside, stuck on a post and planted in a nearby park. Random people put books in and others take them out. It’s the only place I can part with a few of my books and know they will find another home. Maybe you can start a free library in your area and unload your old books that way.

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    1. I hate to start this new blog connection off on a bad note – but I must confess at the start that I never liked Jane Eyre. (I mean the character, not the book – which might make this confession worse.)
      Anne was my favorite of the author sisters.
      Thanks for the comment and new connection. Nice to hear from another literature lover!

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