Agnes and Jorge’s Miracle Child

As a self-professed heathen, I don’t usually pay much attention to the goings on in the Catholic Church – or any other organized religion for that matter. But there is something about this current Pope Francis that is hard not to like. Strange to think he was once little Jorge running around the streets of Buenos Aires. (Thank you, Wikipedia.) Mother Teresa – once young Agnes of Macedonia – became a character in my own life story almost 16 years missionaries1ago, when I drove up to the gate of a Missionaries of Charity in Addis Ababa to meet my elder daughter.

I returned again 2 years later to the same place, where my younger daughter was waiting for me. So when I saw the headline missionaries2about her canonization today, I clicked and read. Then I clicked on “Related” links and read more. And more . . .


I had already known that birth control and abortion were barring the church’s doorway to the 21st century, but I guess “miracles” can be added to that list. I read quite a bit about how the miracles get selected and verified and it seems like a lot of unnecessary work for results that will never be completely free of dubiousness. I could have found them their miracles much faster – two are living right here in this house! One of them is cleaning her room as I write this. (A third miracle!) With 100s of these orphanages spread over the globe in the world’s most poverty-stricken places for the past 60+ years, there must be tens or hundreds of thousands of other miracles. You’d think it would be enough to check that “worthy of sainthood” box.


2 thoughts on “Agnes and Jorge’s Miracle Child

  1. A great story pointing out how much time and money and energy we waste pursuing things that mean essentially nothing. Pope Francis is the first Catholic leader in a long time to set aside the rules and just love as Jesus loved. Miracles, as you said, are all around us, if we will but look. Congrats on all of yours, especially #3. 🙂


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