What I Did On My Blogger Vacation

The last few weeks of any school year are crazy hectic and, in my school, preposterously so. During that time, work stuff starts piling up every which way all over the house. The piles are eventually toted willy-nilly to the office, dumped somewhere, and told, “I’ll deal with you later.” My mental list of summer projects is extended by one item and I plow on through till graduation day, after which – as you know – I traditionally spend a day or two on the couch with a glass of water, package of aspirin, the remote control and the pukey bowl.

But not this year, because this year’s school-ending stress was immediately replaced by why-can’t-I-get-my-daughter-a-visa stress, which lasted all the way up to and beyond our flight departure date to the States. Halfway through that trip, the situation clarified and a good compromise solution was found. Finally, I could relax.

Boy did I ever relax.

And when I came home to Austria again, I continued and deepened the relaxation. I did nothing for 10 straight days. No projects. No housework. No preparation. No de-piling.

I relaxed right through the last day of summer vacation. In fact, I was so relaxed on the first day of this school year that I am not sure I still had a pulse.

Suddenly things got . . . unrelaxing. All the weekends of September calendar page filled up and I began a four-week long scramble. It suddenly dawned on me that I had six different English lessons, two World Studies lessons and one university course to prepare each week. Normally, that would be a work load I could handle – that is, if I could find anything I was looking for . . . or if I didn’t need a shovel and a machete simply to enter my office space. Needless to say, a lot of my teaching in those weeks was . . . improvisational.

This simply couldn’t go on. I put my beloved blogging hobby on hold and started actually dealing with the non-virtual chaos I live in.

It was not relaxing.

But, in its own way, it felt . . . okay. Maybe even good.

And today it took me only two hours to prepare five different lessons.








10 thoughts on “What I Did On My Blogger Vacation

      1. It is all in many boxes – labelled and stacked alphabetically – as well as in binders and folders, again all labelled and shelved chronologically. It is pigeonholed with the order -bottom to top – based on frequency of usage.
        And A LOT of it is in the paper recycling bin. (Mostly the hubby’s stuff.)

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  1. Impressive, 227! I think I feel the same way after organizing my garage, when it takes only a few seconds to find what would have previously taken an hour and a lot of cursing. The “clean gene” is recessive, but it’s there. 🙂


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