On the Wednesday after the First Monday in November

Here are some of the thoughts that broke their way through my deepest despair:


  • I never really got into soap bubbles as a kbubblesid. There was something anticlimactic about the silent way they popped. But what if 59 million bubbles all popped at once? That would surely make a sound, right? Well, now we know. It sounds like . . .


  • Yesterday, I was absolutely 100% certain that today wouldn’t happen. It was so strange to find out how delusional I was. And I had a lot of company! The way I see it, we D’s and R’s now officially have our first post-election thing in common.  We are all delusional.


  • I was, as German speakers say, “unansprechbar” today. The literal translation would be “not speakable to”. I noted the names of people who tried to reach me and added them to my call list for tomorrow. Or maybe the day after, or three days from now. Or not.


  • There was only one person I wanted to talk to today. My fellow expatriate friend 2T. I had been telling her for months that today was impossible. There was no math, I said.  She wasn’t so sure, but liked hearing what I had to say. I texted her and she called back. There wasn’t a hint of “I told you so” in her words. We lamented together. She helped me.

Here’s a message to all the R’s from 2T (and me):

You won.

You control everything now. Executive, legislative, and (soon) judicial branches. You control a huge number of State’ legislatures and governorships. From this day on, whatever happens is either to your credit or it is your fault. You own it. Blaming other people is not an option for you any longer.

Good luck (without any irony)!

Circumstance and 2T


16 thoughts on “On the Wednesday after the First Monday in November

  1. Hi, friend. Just before I peeled myself away from the TV last night (before a winner was declared but the trending seemed obvious) and made myself go bed, I thought of you. You are a microcosm of the rational liberal who is reeling today. Let me assure you (as a former R), the Rs don’t have 60 votes in the Senate so sweeping right wing legislation is not likely to ever pass. And, yes, he will get to appoint a Justice but the court will remain 5:4. No other Justice will resign in the next four years. He will be a one-term president (unless impeached sooner) and will not have time to build any real change. But I share your sadness and I am very frightened of where we now sit on the world stage. Hugs.

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    1. Thank you (!!) Alison With One L. Your words – and even more so, our friendship – helped a lot to get through today and to start restoring my faith in people.
      T may have beat 16 R competitors and one infinitely more qualified D, but that doesn’t make him a match for the Constitution or that wonderful little Government Accountability Office working quietly in the background.

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      1. It is settling down. Trump is moving toward the center. He’s still a nasty man but my intuition is telling me he might discourage the hate speech that he himself started on the campaign trail and maybe just maybe he will open his mind to a more peaceful way of governing. If the stakes weren’t so high I’d be intrigued and excited to see how it all turns out. As it is, my fingernails are nubs and bleeding.


  2. I’m with you, 227. I never thought this could happen, let alone with that wide a margin. I barely slept. I’ve been in a funk all day that might last four years. The worst is finding out that people you liked, trusted, maybe even are related to, voted for Trump. I like your note to the R’s. With all those advantages, they will have no one to blame but themselves for a lack of progress. PS: Is Austria a nice place to live? I might be looking to move at some future point. 🙂

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    1. Hey 42 – thanks! Keep repeating the tag line to that anti-bullying campaign of yore: “Things get better.” On your Austria question, I will get back to you after our election four weeks from now. Round Two of a presidential battle between a far right blue candidate and a green one. (Green won the first time, but blue contested the results.) If blue wins Round Two, then we are in the same shifty situation as Americans are (with the exception that our Prez doesn’t get any nuclear codes.) If Green wins, then I’ll tell you “Come on over!!”

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  3. Hi,

    unser Gehirn ist so strukturiert, dass es außergewöhnliche Situationen und Entwicklungen versucht mit Erfahrungen zu vergleichen, die es schon gemacht hat, um die Lage einzuschätzen und entsprechend zu reagieren.
    Hat man selbst keine Vergleichsmöglichkeiten, greift man auf die Bibliothek kollektiver Erfahrungen zurück.
    Manchmal liefern Künstler in komprimierter Form die zutreffendste Analyse für politische Entwicklungen und Zustände.
    1933 schrieb Bertolt Brecht den “Kälbermarsch”, der dann 1943 von Hanns Eisler als Persiflage auf das berüchtigte “Horst Wessel Lied” vertont wurde.

    Hinter der Trommel her
    Trotten die Kälber
    Das Fell für die Trommel
    Liefern sie selber.

    Der Metzger ruft. Die Augen fest geschlossen
    Das Kalb marschiert mit ruhig festem Tritt.
    Die Kälber, deren Blut im Schlachthof schon geflossen
    Sie ziehn im Geist in seinen Reihen mit.

    Sie heben die Hände hoch
    Sie zeigen sie her
    Sie sind schon blutgefleckt
    Und sind noch leer.

    Der Metzger ruft. Die Augen fest geschlossen
    Das Kalb marschiert mit ruhig festem Tritt.
    Die Kälber, deren Blut im Schlachthof schon geflossen
    Sie ziehn im Geist in seinen Reihen mit.

    Sie tragen ein Kreuz voran
    Auf blutroten Flaggen
    Das hat für den armen Mann
    Einen großen Haken.

    Der Metzger ruft. Die Augen fest geschlossen
    Das Kalb marschiert mit ruhig festem Tritt.
    Die Kälber, deren Blut im Schlachthof schon geflossen
    Sie ziehn im Geist in seinen Reihen mit.

    Gesungen von Ernst Busch und mit nachdenklich machenden Bildern kommentiert auf Youtube:

    Da meine politische Prognostik aber mein Leben lang falsch war, (Anfang der 70er standen wir nicht kurz – aber was bedeutet schon kurz – vor einem neuen Faschismus und die Welt hat auch die Präsidentschaft Reagans überlebt), habe ich ein wenig Hoffnung, dass die Entwicklung in der Türkei, den USA und weiten Teilen Europas nur eine kurze Periode der Absenz der Vernunft sein könnte.


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    1. That was a great read, Hajo – Thank you! Your attitude to all this is one I am going to aspire to.
      I suspect that Ly is worried about me and asked you to chime in too – if that is so, let her know I am really okay.
      And now I am going to check my calendar for the next long weekend and the prices of flights to Berlin . . .


  4. Liebe Nichte, mein erster Impuls war, dich gleich anzurufen, um mit dir unser aller Entsetzen zu teilen. Habs nicht getan, weil es sowieso nix genützt hätte. Das Ergebnis der Wahl kommt mir vor wie ein böser Traum, ich warte vergebens aufs Aufwachen. Was will ein Präsident mit diesem Charakter und ohne jede politische Erfahrung für sein Land und für die Welt erreichen? Beeindruckend ist für mich das Verhalten von Frau Clinton. Trotz ihrer großen Enttäuschung und ihres Schmerzes hat sie die demokratischen Regeln eingehalten und ihre Niederlage eingestanden. Ich verstehe das amerikanische Wahlrecht nicht, sie hatte doch mehr Stimmen. Glaubst du wir können in 4 Jahren sagen, er hat es besser gemacht als wir gefürchtet haben. Bussi Tante Karin

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    1. Hello Tante! So now officially ONE (and only one) good thing has come of this election- it got you to write me!
      To your last question – I have trouble believing he will last four years in the office. Not with all his secrets and conflicts of interest, financially speaking – not to mention his total lack of qualifications for the job.
      Thanks for your words of support!

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