Calling all Bloggers

Confession: I haven’t put much effort into figuring out what exactly blogging is – or the inner workings of WordPress, for that matter. Basically I just write stuff and publish it. My statistics plod along with the occasional inexplicable spike followed by a resettling. (On the bright side, though, I have made some connections with wonderful people – which gives me a lot of enjoyment.) Anyway, some questions have arisen over these two years that have kept me wondering about this whole blog business. I decided to make a little survey. Please take a minute to enlighten me on a few things:


1) Do the bloggers you follow also tend to stop writing shortly thereafter?

a) Yes

b) Occasionally

c) No. Never. You following someone’s blog must be like the WP Kiss of Death.


2) Do you ever suspect that the majority of your followers are actually computer-generated algorithms?

a) Yes

b) Occasionally

c) No. Never. Maybe you are some kind of magnet for those things.


3) Are you ever overwhelmed by the reading/commenting part of blogging?

a) Yes

b) Occasionally

c) No. Now stop whining.


4) Do the tag terms you use matter?

a) No

b) Occasionally

c) Of course! (How long have you been doing this??)


5) Do you also enjoy reading your spam comments?

a) Yes

b) Occasionally

c) Um . . . no. What is wrong with you?


Let me say “Thanks!” in advance to anyone who takes the survey. As an extra incentive, I will honor you in my next post with a little pyramidblog-and-chain-award-scheme chain letter blogger award that I created myself. I even made a logo for it – see?

And then you can annoy pass it on to 10 other blog friends with a list of 5 (or 50) questions they have to answer before passing it on to ten more annoyed bloggers who have to make up their own questions, and so on and so forth and anyone who breaks the chain will risk dire consequences like burning in hell for all eternity,  but – never fear – if they really like you they will share the joy.

Thanks for all your help!




22 thoughts on “Calling all Bloggers

  1. Bloggers do seem to fall off the edge after a year or two. I enjoy commenting but my effort depends on my time. Many (if not most) of my readers are trying to sell me something. Some don’t have English speaking blogs. Some sell little blue pills. I rarely check statistics because well…maybe I don’t care. Blogging is my therapy. Cheaper than a human one and safe than alcohol.

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      1. Little blue pills = Viagra. Not sure why they think I need that. Notice there was no mention of chocolate in the quote. Chocolate trumps a lot of stuff. (God I hate to use that word as a verb!)


  2. From my rather myopic WordPress perspective, I’ll try to answer these questions.
    1. B (C if you count bloggers that take breaks and later return to WP. I myself am guilty of this. I have so few “real” readers that I wonder why I even bother to post. But I like to keep up connections with my WP buds, so here I am.)
    2. B (it can be hard to tell, but I do check out their sites, and if they have a site with zero posts or nonsense posts, I do not return the “follow.”)
    3. A (the more people you follow, the worse it gets, but you must read, like and/or comment on other people’s blogs to get them to reciprocate. People also seem to like it if you respond to comments they leave for you.)
    4. Not sure. I don’t use them when navigating other people’s blogs (unless you have “DOG” as a tag, then maybe) and I have no idea if others use them on mine.
    5. C (I just ignore them, but in truth, I don’t get very many, maybe a dozen since I started blogging a year ago.)
    FYI, if you intend to try to get your work published in magazines, anthologies, etc, be aware that a WordPress post (regardless of how few followers you have) makes your work count as “published.” Hence, you have barred yourself from submitting the same work to calls for unpublished material. Good luck, 227. Hope that helps.

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    1. Luckily, I don’t ever think about trying to get published. This blogging format works just fine for me.
      Congratulations on being the first ever recipient of the Blog & Chain Award! And I thought that would scare off anyone tempted to take the survey . . . You are a brave woman, 42!

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  3. Haha! The app I’m using is annoying so I can’t see all the questions and answer them at the same time (ipad) but I can tell you I answered B to most of them!

    I do notice some bloggers tend to stop writing. But a lot of the people I follow are infertility bloggers, so they tend to have a natural progression of either deciding to stop and concentrate on something else, or they have a baby and don’t have as much time to blog. I’m not sure my following is the kiss of death! Ha! Maybe it is – I haven’t thought about it!

    I sometimes feel intimidated by how many blogs I follow and trying to give people the courtesy of commenting on their blogs. In the beginning I did reciprocal follows for everyone who followed me. Now I tend not to, unless they are engaging with my blog. Like, if I get a new follower I might look at their blog but I may or may not follow them depending on what their last few blog posts look like. I also unfollow blogs I’ve followed for a bit but don’t end up engaging with or finding interesting. (Usually I find it difficult to follow people who post endlessly about God stuff and there are a lot of those in the infertility/adoption world.)

    I hardly ever get spam! I think there’s something that filters them! Ha.

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  4. I’m with you when it comes to the God stuff. Yech. Your following is definitely not a jinx – I’m still here. And so are you, come to think of it. Hope you will be able to find time to write after your baby comes. I’m betting you will, judging by how much activity you seem to be able to pack into a single day. Congratulations on receiving the coveted Blog & Chain Award!!


  5. Now, that I’m safe, with Nara earning the award, all I can say is, that of the 100 or so blogs I follow, there are approximately 60 post a day appearing on my reader, so less than half seem to stop writing after a while. I don’t think, I have a single “fake” follower, comment part is no problem, tags don’t matter all that much – people either like to read what I say or they don’t. And I don’t hink, I ever got a spam comment. What is it?


    1. Here’s a spam example from today – from someone named Cherie:

      “Hi everybody, here every one is sharing these experience, therefore it’s nice to read this blog,
      and I used to pay a visit this web site every day.”

      Cherie used to visit my website – isn’t that nice? And yet . . . I will nevertheless click on “Delete permanently”.

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      1. I never get these. But then again, I have this little anti-tracking program cliqz activated, that prevents these type of comments on wordpress. I just checked, it blocked 30 of these searches or whatever today.


  6. So, Lyart and I have a rare disagreement (I love my blog friends even though I’ve never met any of them). I think tags are everything. I follow #paris, #travel, #recovery, etc. as these are topics I truly care about. There are others as well. Anyway, Every once in a while I meet a friend,–a symbiotic relationship–that makes it worthwhile. I do follow stats because I like to know when something I write resonates. That is just a weird “ism” of mine, sort of a study in sociology.

    Anyhoo…can I get any award for coming in second or third place? Pretty pretty please?

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      1. Working on a plan but two ailing parents are keeping me firmly rooted for now. Maybe I should blog about that. But it’s so not funny. I prefer funny.


  7. I’m not sure I am a blogger.

    A website with regularly updated content is a blog. I have one of those. Maybe that’s makes me a blogger? But what I do and the way I do it seems different. I write to entertain, as a ‘performance’. I write my posts as stories, with a story point and a story structure (at least vaguely). I rarely just chat or get things off my chest or give opinions. I do like and keep up with other blogs and bloggers, but I don’t really do bloggerly things on mine (I felt pressured to do the chain award things once or twice and ended up hating it so much I deleted those posts later on. Now I don’t do them ever). And in some ways I’ve developed more into a webcomic artist.

    Lately I’ve been thinking of myself as a writer and illustrator, not a blogger. And I’ve started to think of Silence Killed the Dinosaurs as a website where I publish my work, rather than as a blog.

    But, like I said, I’m not always sure. Maybe I’m a blogger, at least sometimes. And so, the survey.

    1. B

    2. B

    3. A. YES. A thousand times yes. I’m trying to read and comment less out of obligation and more just because I want to. It was just too much. I reached a point where I just stopped reading bloggers who posted too frequently. I felt so horribly obligated to keep on top of everything but couldn’t, and it made me feel awful and stressed. In the end it was easier to just keep scrolling in my reader and pretend I didn’t see. But, you know, I hope my readers don’t just read and like MY stuff out of obligation. I hope they are actually amused or entertained. I hope I made them think or feel. If not every single reader every single time, then at least often enough that they like supporting my work even on the occasions it’s not quite to their taste. Probably most other people feel the same about their work.

    4. I have no idea. I do my best and cross my fingers.

    5. B. I never look in the spam section, but I’ve had one or two spam comments slip through, and I was so amused by one of them that I didn’t even delete it.

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  8. Wow – for a person who answered A to question 3 – this is quite a long comment! I don’t see your site as a typical blog either – it is always a refreshing change of pace in my reader. Since I am into giving out awards this week – you get the “Most Likely to Printed Out and Pinned to My Bulletin Board Award” (and you DON’T have to pass this one on in chain fashion.) Congrats!


  9. To answer your survey:
    1. and 2. = no.
    3. Absolutely. Blogging is something you just have to grow into.
    4. I am not sure yet, I haven’t figured out a pattern.
    5. No, but actually I hardly ever get any.

    This post was fun. 🙂

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